Macro 3. Economic Growth. Pr.Romain Rancière

*Problem sets are taken from Acemoglu's textbook and sent directly to the students :


*Useful documents :

Barro Mankiw SalaiMartin AER95

mankiw romer weil 1992. (cf also solutions to Macro1 PS7)

Notes on Hamiltonian

Cass on Hamiltonian , JET, 1976

Jones and Romer, The New Kaldor Facts :Ideas, Institutions, Population, and Human Capital

Handout on dynamic programming (assumptions and theorems)

On phase diagrams : Chiang manual + phase diagrams by David Romer

Macro 2. Dynamic Macroeconomics. Pr.Christian Haefke

*Problem set 1 Answers on OLG: cf Macro 1 or Acemoglu (2009), chp.9

*Problem set 2 solutions ex1-2 solutions ex investment

*Session 3 on difference equations : cf notes by Pr Whelan and Blanchard & Fischer chp.5.

*Session 4 on Markov chains. Sargent and Ljungqvist chp.2

*Problem set 4 solutions

Handout on search models (McCall) by Christian Haefke

*Problem set 5 with solutions ex2 example 5 from Acemoglu

Handout on dynamic programming (assumptions and theorems)

*Problem set 6 solutions

*RBC model : notes by H.Uhlig (especially p.7-29)

Macro 1. Pr.Xavier Ragot

1st session

problem set 1 solutions.

Bernanke's saving glut speech


Notes on exchange rate definitions

2nd session

problem set 2 solutions 1 solutions 2


Phase diagrams manual

3rd session

problem set 3 solutions solutions3.

Handout Bellman equations

Envelope theorem

4th session

problem set 4

Campbell Mankiw 1991

Cochrane on Campbell-Mankiw

comments mankiw campbell

5th session

problem set 5 solutions 4and5

intertemporal optimization

6th session

problem set 6 solutions

7th session

problem set 7 solutions

eurostat HICP

mankiw romer weil 1992.

The history of the Phillips curve by R.Gordon

Macro 3. Time series econometrics. Pr.Romain Rancière